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We do this by writing articles which we hope people can learn from. We offer insights in dealing with the pain and understanding certain conditions, particularly those involving the spine, through our blogs. Check out our blogs and articles here. Learn more and enjoy reading.

Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

Relieve Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

July 9, 2018

Pregnant women often experience back pain. Although this is not surprising, back pain in pregnancy could be caused by various factors such as weight gain, hormones and a change in your center of gravity. Nevertheless, you must not simply ignore the pain. There are ways to relieve lower back pain. It ranges from maintaining good …

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Headache After A Workout

4 Reasons You May Get a Headache After a Workout

June 21, 2018

Whether you workout on a daily basis or are a weekend warrior, or whether you run in the park or lift weights in the gym, it is not unusual to experience a headache after exercising. This may seem counterintuitive since physical exertion would actually seem to lessen muscle tension and increases blood flow to the …

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How Long Does Sciatica Last?

June 14, 2018

When experiencing the aching and discomfort of sciatica, most people just want to know how long the pain will last. The duration of pain from sciatica can be acute or chronic. Acute sciatica usually resolves itself in a few weeks. However, it may recur and individuals can experience multiple sciatic episodes a year. Back pain …

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Exercises for Joints

Exercises for Joints

June 13, 2018

People often associate joint pain with arthritis—specifically variations such as rheumatoid arthritis. However, arthritis is by no means the only cause of joint pain. The muscle groups surrounding joints are essential in joint movement, so overuse, underuse, and incorrect use of those groups can also lead to joint pain. So, the best way to prevent …

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Popping your Back

How To Crack Your Back

June 8, 2018

Back tension is common in people who sit or stand for several consecutive hours. One way to deal with this tension is to crack or pop your back. Done correctly, cracking your back can be helpful in relieving tension, decreasing pain, easing joint inflammation, and improving your range of motion. What Does the Cracking Sound …

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neck pain

Neck Pain from Using Smartphones

May 28, 2018

There’s a diagnosis for the headaches, achy shoulders, and neck pain associated with spending your days hunched over your phone reading or texting — Text Neck. Beyond smartphone use, neck and back pain can come from gaming, emailing, tablet use, or spending long periods of time working at a computer. Our necks are generally used …

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10 Knee Exercises for Knee Pain Relief

May 26, 2018

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body. It is responsible for bearing all of the weight of the body while moving in different directions. Because there are so many moving parts, many different things can go wrong, causing knee injury, misalignment and pain. According to the American Academy of Pain …

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Back Pain

Are Squats Giving you Back Pain?

May 22, 2018

Squats are a key exercise commonly suggested for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to improve strength, muscle tone, and flexibility. When done properly, the squat becomes one of the greatest weapons in your arsenal for improving strength and performance in many sports. Unfortunately, if your form is off, you can experience severe lower back pain after …

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pain after massage

Experiencing Pain After a Massage

May 11, 2018

Many people turn to massage as a method of dealing with normal aches and pains as well as chronic pain. Deep tissue massage and Swedish massage, are known therapies that target the lower level of muscle to realign the muscle and relieve built up tension and pain. Massage is often used to target lower back …

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Risk for Back Pain

8 Reasons You Are at Risk for Back Pain

April 11, 2018

The statistics are staggering. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), an estimated 80 percent of adults experience low back pain at some point in their lifetimes. Back pain can come on suddenly and often seems to occur without a specific cause. However, there are some risk factors that are commonly associated with the …

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stomach pain

Constant Stomach Pain and Bloating

March 31, 2018

Short-lived stomach pain are often not a serious health concern. But chronic pain paired with bloating can sometimes be a sign of a life-threatening disease. Constant stomach pain and bloating can also be caused by things such a new diet, urinary infections, the development of a food allergy, and fatty liver disease. If you haven’t …

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Supplements for arthritis

Supplements for Arthritis in the Hips

March 12, 2018

Around 54 million American adults suffer from arthritis. In addition to medication and surgery, many arthritis sufferers look to natural supplements to find relief. Unfortunately, some of these arthritis “cures” can be unproven, ineffective, and even dangerous. We’ve sifted through the contenders and compiled a list of supplements that have shown real evidence of improving …

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