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Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine replaces and heals human cells and tissue to establish normal functions for patients. At Arizona Pain and Spine Institute, we specialize in amniotic membrane regenerative medicine, a type of stem cell therapy found to promote natural healing for a variety of conditions. We are proud to bring more than two decades of innovation and experience in regenerative therapy.

Arizona Pain and Spine Institute is committed to making groundbreaking stem cell technology accessible to all, regardless of where you call home. We connect patients from every corner of the nation with the innovative treatments they deserve - fast.

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    Beware of clinics that are not transparent about the type of stem cells they are using, especially stem cell clinics located in foreign countries. Many of those clinics do not follow the same stringent stem cell harvesting guidelines that exist in the US.

What is regenerative medicine?

At its core, regenerative medicine is a method of healing that uses the body’s own healthy cells to transform and regenerate damaged or depleted tissue. In other words, we give your system the support it needs to heal itself via stem cell therapy, without invasive medical intervention.

With each newly injected batch of stem cells, these clusters of cells learn to adapt to their new surroundings, constructing fresh, healthy cells to replace any cells that have been marred by diseases or injury.

Why is our technology different?

  • Industry leader in research and development in amniotic tissue biotechnology.
  • Manufactured using strict processes, even for HCT/P products.
  • Raising the bar for manufacturing standards in the biotechnology field.
  • Created in a rigorously monitored American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) accredited facility.
  • Specially packed in customized packaging made for membrane materials and designed to preserve sterile environments.
  • Renowned for its outstanding quality across the biotechnology industry.
  • Carefully tested and free from all transmittable disease.
  • Made with amnion, and free from chorion, to eliminate the risk of transplant rejection.

Our Innovative Stem Cells

(Regenerative Treatments)
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    Uses cells found in the amniotic membrane of healthy donors, to promote natural healing

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    Non-invasive treatments that take between 5-15 minutes

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    No long recovery process. No painful side effects.

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    Minimally invasive treatments. No painful extraction is required.

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    Reliable results that can be felt within just weeks of treatment

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Other Clinical Treatments

  • Relies on medications or surgical interventions that come with many risk factors
  • Invasive procedures that can take weeks to implement
  • Extended recovery periods that disrupt your life
  • Inconsistent results that may take months to be felt

How is our regenerative medicine different from other treatments?

Arizona Pain and Spine Institute is paving a bold new path in chronic pain management by partnering with the innovators behind Amnio Technology, a fresh approach to stem cell therapy that utilizes amniotic tissue allografts to replace and restore damaged cells in the body, giving you natural relief from your worst aches and pains.

Learn more about Regenerative Medicine and how AZ Pain and Spine Institute uses it to treat conditions and alleviate pain.

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Why choose AZ Pain and Spine Institute for your regenerative medicine therapy?

Since 2016, our co-founders Dr. Asim Khan and Dr. Daniel Ryklin have been fine-tuning their approach to effective stem cell transplants and have helped hundreds of patients turn back the clock on their chronic pain and bring balance back to the body on a cellular level. Dr. Daniel Ryklin and Dr. Asim Khan are highly trained and double board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) and Pain Management, as well as fellowship trained in interventional pain management.

We use only the highest quality Amniotic fluid cells from a US-based company in Arizona. This company follows stringent FDA protocols regarding maintaining sterility and handling amniotic fluid and regenerative medicine products. We have helped hundreds of patients of various ages and occupations. Our patient's backgrounds range from teen athletes to professional athletes (golfers, tennis players, UFC fighters).