Patient Forms

Before we begin treatment, you need to read and fill out several forms. You can simply download them as PDF files and read them at your own convenience. Click on a form to download.

Appointment Checklist

We accept patients who have been referred to us by other patients or health-care providers.  It is best if you check with your insurance plan. If you want to schedule an appointment for a pain management session, kindly contact us or visit us directly at one of our offices. We accept same-day appointments.


Book Appointment

You are just a few steps away from pain-free living. Book an appointment online or contact us through our phone number or e-mail. You can also visit us in any of our offices so we can personally discuss your problem and the best treatment.



We accept several types of insurance. You can check with your health plan if Arizona Pain and Spine Institute is included. We can also discuss your insurance concerns with you, but we recommend you check with your insurance provider first.


Billing Checklist

To ensure a stress-free and smooth billing process, follow this checklist:

Contact your insurance provider and discuss the coverage, requirements, and benefits.
Confirm that Arizona Pain and Spine Institute is covered by your plan.
Get a referral, if your insurance provider requires one.
Obtain an expansion of the scope, if needed.