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Stiff neck is one of the most common neck problems. It is characterized by immobility or difficulty moving the neck, accompanied by soreness and pain. In certain cases, is accompanied by headache and pain the arm and shoulder. The good news is that stiff neck treatment is pretty accessible and achievable, particularly for mild cases.

Treatment for Stiff Neck

If the case is mild or if the stiff neck is caused by a minor sprain or muscle strain, it usually goes away within a few days. This is fairly treatable. However, if the pain and other symptoms do not subside after a week or if the symptoms are troubling, you must visit a reliable Arizona stiff neck treatment center. In severe cases, there is an underlying medical condition that’s causing the neck problem.

Best Treatment Stiff Neck

There is no single answer to the question, what is the best treatment for stiff neck. If the symptoms are mild, home management will do. In mild cases, the stiffness and soreness will likely go away after a few days. If you want a fast recovery and if you want to alleviate yourself from the pain and soreness, you can do the following to address your stiff neck pain treatment needs:

  • Rest

It helps if you rest for a couple of days or so. This will allow your neck to relax and the injured issue to heal fast. This also prevents further damage to the affected area. Overall, this will provide the relief that you need.

  • Gentle Stretching

If the symptoms have subsided or if movement is already tolerable, you can start moving your neck a little. You can do this by gently stretching your neck. This will gradually allow the neck to move more naturally and to ease the stiffness in the area. But this is best done with a physical therapist or any other qualified health professional.

  • Heat and Ice

Applying heat can help improve the blood flow in the area. Cold or ice on the other hand reduces the inflammation that might be causing the stiffness. You can apply both alternately for better results.

  • Low-Impact Exercise

Only do this when you can already tolerate head and neck movement. This is best coupled with gentle stretching. The most effective type of low-impact exercise is walking. This will improve blood circulation which is helpful in the fast recovery of the stiff neck.

  • Medications

These are not treatment per se. Over-the-counter and prescription meds are just there to alleviate the pain. These include NSAIDS like naproxen and ibuprofen. However, they are best taken with the go signal from your doctor or from a pain specialist.

Chronic Stiff Neck Treatment

If the symptoms are severe and if the stiff neck lasts for more than a week, it might be chronic. You must visit a pain center for proper diagnosis. Chronic stiff neck might be caused by an underlying condition. It is highly advisable that you get a medical diagnosis from a reliable professional. A right diagnosis is essential in finding the right treatment.

You must seek immediate medical attention if the stiff neck is accompanied by concerning symptoms or if occurred after a traumatic injury. Visit the professionals here at Arizona Pain and Spine Institute if you want the best Arizona stiff neck treatment. We have a team of pain specialists who can help you manage your pain and treat your condition.