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Trigger Point Injections

Trigger point injections offer relief to people suffering from chronic muscle pain due to myofascial trigger points.

What are trigger point injections?

Trigger points, sometimes called myofascial trigger points, are tightly bound “knots” of muscle that can cause chronic pain in the surrounding area. Some of the most common sites of myofascial trigger points include the head, neck, shoulders, and back. They are often the result of physical trauma, repetition of specific movements, or poor posture.

Trigger point injections are used to soothe this pain. Based on the specific case, a doctor will choose from a variety of medications for the injection. These medications might provide relief by numbing the area, reducing inflammation, or relaxing muscle contraction. The injections are administered directly into the site of the trigger point.

Pain relief can be immediate after a trigger point injection or may require a few days to take full effect. Because the injections reduce pain and help improve mobility, they can make physical therapy possible and more tolerable for patients recovering from injury.

How are trigger point injections administered?

1. Trigger Point Located

The doctor will conduct a physical exam to determine the exact location of the trigger point. Based on its location, patients may either sit or lay down on the examination table. The doctor will then clean the area and may mark the spot with a skin marker.

2. Tissue Stabilized

The doctor will gently pinch the trigger point with their hand to stabilize it. This may cause some discomfort depending on the severity of the trigger point.

3. Injection Administered

The doctor will then insert a small needle into the trigger point to administer the medication. The medication may include a local anesthetic, corticosteroid, Botox, or a combination. Some patients experience discomfort at this point which subsides as the muscle relaxes.

4. End of Procedure

After the doctor removes the needle, they will dress the area and the patient is able to go home. Pain relief might be immediate or take a few days. Patients are free to use the affected muscles, although strenuous activity is discouraged for at least several days.

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