The body tells you something is wrong by activating pain receptors at various places. Physical discomfort can be a valuable resource letting you know when to seek treatment, but it can quickly turn into anguish.

In some cases, pain may be revealing underlying conditions, but it could also be the problem itself.

You can deal with a shoulder condition for a long time, but the associated pain can be excruciating if you bear it too long. Nobody chooses to live in chronic pain, but you can manage your pain and get relief by trying stem cell therapy.

This all-natural healing agent can elevate your quality of life and ease your burden as you work with a specialist to cure the condition. Stem cell therapy works differently for each individual, but it could be the injection you need to elevate your quality of life.

What causes shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain can stem from various different sources.

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For some, it’s a side-effect of natural wear and tear from daily living and overuse. It can also be a genetic condition your parents passed down, such as arthritis. Rotator cuff tears and other shoulder joint injuries can happen after playing sports, threatening a long recovery process.

Chronic pain in your shoulders can be challenging in all of these cases and cause symptoms like weakness, stiffness, numbness, tingling, and more. The degree of intensity changes from person to person, but it can range from dull aches to sharp pangs.

What you may not know is that stem cell therapy can reduce pain.

How can stem cell therapy help with shoulder pain?

A pain management specialist can restore your joy again by injecting stem cells into the afflicted area. These amniotic-fluid stem cells (AFSCs) will transform the degeneration spot by imitating damaged shoulder cells and replacing them.

This process is called differentiation and regenerates your shoulder rather than covering up the pain.

Unlike other practices, we do not extract stem cells out of the bone marrow, from undeveloped embryos, or platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Our team only utilizes stem cells from the natural products of C-sections with the woman’s permission.

Can stem cell therapy heal shoulder injuries?

Stem cell therapy cannot heal shoulder injuries at this time and cannot necessarily help you avoid surgery. Regenerative medicine has incredible potential to reduce chronic pain as a minimally invasive procedure.

However, it cannot cure the underlying condition. We don’t want to mislead you with false information that these modern injections are a miracle drug. It has limitations for surgery and doesn’t produce the same pain-relieving effects for everyone.

Our pain specialists do believe stem cell therapy can significantly reduce your chronic pain and recommend trying it. We conduct a stem cell trial alongside a typical injection to see which one works better.

It’s a part of our personalized intervention plan that’s more than just sending you to physical therapy or giving you medication.

How does stem cell therapy help with shoulder surgeries?

Typical routes for healing include shoulder surgery, joint replacement, and physical therapy. You should see an injury specialist to discuss these routes and see what treatment option is right for you.

Although they can require extensive recovery times and complications, you can experience a deeper recovery than just numbing the pain. And stem cell injections are an excellent companion to get relief in your life.

Weeks and months before a medical professional can see you in the procedure room, you can alleviate chronic pain with stem cell therapy. It can ease the transition and hold you over until a doctor can heal the shoulder problem.

Advanced shoulder injuries may not see complete healing from stem cell therapy. But sports medicine studies have seen tremendous improvements in conditions and quality of life. Patients with milder conditions have experienced anti-inflammatory healing responses that other treatments couldn’t give.

Are you a candidate for stem cell therapy for shoulder injury?

Regardless of your underlying shoulder condition, we recommend speaking with our pain specialist to look at your injury. Our team has helped countless patients achieve pain-free living with stem cell injections.

You can achieve more freedom from chronic shoulder pain than you ever thought possible. Give us a call at (480).986.7246 to schedule a visit to start your personalized intervention plan.