Many people suffer from the pain and discomfort that arthritis brings. The pain usually lingers in the joints as this condition affects the area. This makes it difficult for the patient to move the affected area. If the joints in the feet and knees are affected, it could be very difficult and painful to walk.

What is Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition characterized by the inflammation of the joints. Two of the most common types of this condition are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The most common form or type is osteoarthritis. Millions of people around the world have this condition. When the cartilage that protects the bones wear, usually as people age, this arthritis develops and occurs. This commonly affects the joints in the knees, hands, spine and hips. In some cases, it also affects the other joints in the body.

Rheumatoid is the more serious and painful type of arthritis. It is a chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disorder. This occurs when your own immune system attacks your own body systems, particularly the tissues. Unlike osteoarthritis, this type does not only affect the joint; it also damages the other body systems as well, like blood vessels and skin. It even affects the heart, lungs and eyes. Eventually, it can result in deformity and bone erosion.

Arthritis Symptoms

The symptoms depend on what kind of arthritis you have. But the most common symptoms include stiffness, swelling, redness and pain in the joints and the surrounding areas. These symptoms are associated with decreased range of motion and discomfort.


Arthritis develops when the cartilage in the joints reduce in normal amount and become worn out. In osteoarthritis, the main cause is the natural wear and tear of the cartilage as people age. Risk factors like lifestyle and family history may increase your chances of developing osteoarthritis. Infection and injury also contribute to the breakdown of cartilage, which could aggravate the arthritis. In rare cases, the arthritis, particularly rheumatic arthritis, may be caused by autoimmune disorder. This happens when the immune system mistakenly attacks the tissues in the body, including the tissues in the joints that produce the fluid that lubricate the joints. 

Arthritis Treatment

Some doctors prescribe analgesics and other pain relievers to treat the symptoms. There are also meds for the inflammation. Hot and cold therapy also helps in alleviating the symptoms. But with the advancements of technology, there are now holistic methods and approaches in treating arthritis and in making life more comfortable and less painful for the patient.

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