Repetitive Strain Injury Causes

Repetitive Strain Injury Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

As an injury, repetitive strains are common among a large majority of professions and athletic fields. For individuals who are employed at a desk job, poor posture, phone use, and excessive typing can contribute to wrist pain and carpal tunnel. Similarly, store clerks, dentists, and musicians all have similar challenges due to work-related strains. While …

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Cancer Pain Relief

Cancer Pain Relief and Causes

For many individuals with cancer or undergoing cancer treatments, managing pain is part of the treatment plan. These cancer related pains can be caused by cancer itself, by side effects of Chemo and Radiation Therapy, and sometimes chronic pain features. Known in the medical community as analgesics, pain medications and other treatments can combine to …

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burning back pain

Burning Back Pain

Back pain is extremely common. One particularly annoying type of back pain is a burning sensation. This type of pain can occur when the muscles in your back are tired or tight. The muscles actually heat up, causing your skin in that area to feel hotter. In this post, we will discuss some common causes …

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