Millions of patients with spinal cord injuries are left devastated, disabled, and sometimes dead. You have already suffered horrible pain from the primary injury disconnecting from the brain and other core parts of the body. Car crashes, falls, sports, and other crashes can drastically affect your quality of life with a spinal cord injury.

Modern medical professionals have worked tirelessly to solve this challenging condition with stem cell therapy, a recent advancement in regenerative medicine.

They believe it may be possible to treat patients by restoring the loss of motor functions and alleviating chronic pain. Recent medical blogs and reputable universities have reported significant improvements in the study.

This can bring you tremendous hope in your pain journey, and we want to keep you informed. Continue reading to learn the truth about whether stem cell therapy can heal spinal cord injuries or not.

Reconnecting the Spine with Stem Cell Therapy

While spinal cord injuries involve damage to the cord and the central nervous system, medical researchers believe stem cell treatments could reverse it. Direct harm to the nerves, bones, and tissue causing residual damage to the spinal cord is also a candidate for healing.

Get Back Your Normal Life Again

As pain specialists, we can guarantee that we are more than qualified in alleviating your pain and treating your condition.

Most Americans with spinal injuries undergo extensive surgeries or physical therapy to restore function or improve function. In many cases, complete restoration is impossible, and the injury remains permanent and debilitating. However, stem cell therapy presents an opportunity to reconnect the body and heal traumatic spinal cord injuries.

In theory, doctors will agree that the restoration could be possible. Some even claim patients have experienced miraculous freedom from what they thought were life-long sentences.

But what’s actually going on with stem cell therapy for spinal cord injuries?

Stem Cell Hasn’t Proven Spinal Cord Healing Yet

Big-name medical blogs and universities have rumored full spinal cord healing with stem cell clinical studies in recent years. They claim improvement in motor skills and other effects that would require surgery. However, other researchers argued the opposite, trying to sober victims of chronic pain and lost motor function.

According to Dr. Khan, MD and co-founder of Arizona Pain & Spine, stem cell therapy cannot restore spinal cord injuries the way internet lies have spread. He’s adamant about informing you of the truth so you don’t seek regenerative medicine for the wrong reasons.

“Helping people with spinal cord injuries heal with stem cells is in the infancy stage and has no real significant data to show how much it can help. We don’t want to give the impression that we can heal spinal cord damage. I think this is a stretch or gives people false hope.”

(Dr. Khan, Co-Founder & MD)

Our pain management practice will never utilize a treatment we don’t feel is beneficial to elevating your quality of life. And you shouldn’t have to put up with misinformation while you suffer from an excruciating injury.

Alleviate Spinal Cord Pain with Stem Cell

Although stem cell therapy cannot provide complete healing from spinal cord injuries, it can bring tremendous pain relief. Injections at the nerve damage site can relieve years of chronic pain and help you manage daily life moving forward. For many patients, stem cell treatments are freeing and restore their joy again.

Pain specialists will inject “blank” cells into the spinal cord injury for regenerative healing. This occurs as stem cells participate in differentiation, which is the process of turning into copies of other human cells. The body heals itself naturally with similar methods, but we accelerate pain relief by sourcing stem cells.

Using amniotic fluid stem cells is safe and ethical and is not the source of any ethical controversy surrounding stem cell research. It is against Arizona Pain & Spine’s policies to inject embryonic cell types. Our practice obtains them with a mother’s permission from the natural products resulting from C-Sections.

We do not touch the baby nor interfere with the gestation process so you can have a clear conscience about your healing.

Stem Cell Therapy at Arizona Pain and Spine

Finding honest doctors who conduct stem cell therapy can prove difficult since there’s a lot of excitement around false rumors. The good news is that we tell you from the beginning what our regenerative injections can do to manage your suffering.

Our pain specialists work with you one-on-one and may recommend stem cell therapy as a part of our personalized intervention plan. Rather than cover up chronic pain, we recommend methods that produce lasting healing. Stem cell therapy can help minimize pain before and after surgery.

If Dr. Khan and Dr. Ryklin believe stem cell therapy can ease your injured spinal cord, they will inform you. But this only happens when you see us in person and get checked out in Arizona.

You can give our pain management office a call at (480).986.7246 and book an appointment today.