You may have heard of stem cell therapy that’s become popular for healing cancer and blood disorders and now helps with chronic pain. But really, does it help with chronic pain? Most treatments involve addictive pills and intense surgeries, or other “solutions” that offer a temporary solution. We understand you do not want another doctor to mislead you down another dead-end treatment.

Our practice has used stem cell therapy for chronic pain to help hundreds of patients get back the joy in their lives. This revolutionary method heals degenerative disc diseases and other body aches at the cellular level rather than the surface. We would love to tell you more about how stem cell therapy achieves your long term natural healing.

Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Pain

Other chronic pain solutions claim to be treatments when they only alleviate symptoms for a little bit. These pain management options of the past put bandaids over your damaged cells while stem cell therapy replaces them with replicas. Inflammation will decrease, and damaged tissues will regenerate back to normal, easing your chronic pain.

Since stem cells can differentiate or turn into any cell type, they can morph into a new version of your neck, back, or other muscle cells. They can do this by self-renewal and multiply through daughter cells to adopt the damaged cell’s functions. The plasticity of differentiation is what makes stem cell therapy such a groundbreaking discovery.

We Only Approve Ethical Stem Cell Extraction

This regenerative medicine accomplishes this by extracting stem cells from legally-approved sources and injecting them into the damaged area. While some practitioners use Mesenchymal Stem Cells from your bone marrow, we take a different approach.

Get Back Your Normal Life Again

As pain specialists, we can guarantee that we are more than qualified in alleviating your pain and treating your condition.

Our Amniotic Stem Cells are harvested from amniotic fluid with ethical guidelines we follow from The FDA’s approved stem cell treatment list. We do not approve of extracting from someone’s growing fetus, which is why we only source from the fluid surrounding it. Always prioritizing the safety and care of the woman and her embryo, we safely extract amniotic fluid stem cells that help your chronic pain symptoms.

They are natural stem cells that are not chemically-created experiments and are a type of cell that reduces chronic and joint pain.

Chronic Pain Conditions Stem Cell Therapy Can Treat

For over a decade, the medical world has used stem cells to help cancer patients and blood disorder victims. Chronic pain doctors have conducted extensive research on stem cell treatments and discovered that it also can apply to debilitating aches and strains. You may have thought only invasive surgery could cure these issues, but stem cell therapy can provide deep healing without such drastic pain treatments.

  • Joint, neck, and knee pain
  • Degenerative Disc Diseases
  • Arthritis
  • Connective Tissue Injuries
  • Nerve Damage

Stem Cell Therapy is Promising for Chronic Pain

Responsible medical researchers and scientists continue to research stem cell therapy to ensure its safety and future possibilities. Our practice and other pain management doctors can offer it because stem cell injections have been tested and approved. According to a medical journal that the US National Library of Medicine published, “the AF [amniotic fluid] is an under-utilized source of stem cells, with therapeutic potential in the field of regenerative medicine”.

Seek Our Experienced Team for Stem Cell Therapy

Our pain specialists have extensive experience helping customers achieve pain relief. We even work with other practitioners, such as physical therapists, chiropractors, and yoga instructors, because we see the entire road to healing. If you want to learn more about stem therapy or ask us about how it can help your chronic pain condition, call our office at (480).986.7246.