The latest medicine news and media outlets have been raving about recent research into stem cells. They have been rumored as a miracle of medicine, even being able to treat paralysis and Alzheimers. They are constantly talked about as the future of doctors and patients.

Stem cells have a huge reputation in 2021 and many people are curious as to what they are. In short, they are cells that renew (clone) themselves and become specialized, or take on the roles of other cells.

This means that someone’s damaged organ or tissue could be recovered through the body’s natural method of sending stem cells in its place. Scientists have harnessed this power by creating their own stem cells and implanting them to heal diseases of all kinds.

There are a couple main types of stem cells that determine its healing ability and usability by doctors on patients with conditions that normally cannot be cured.

Embryonic and Adult: Two Types

As the name points out, both types of stem cells are named based on whether they originate from: embryos or the adult body. Each function differently in the nervous system and have unique assets as well as limitations.

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Embryonic Stem Cells

Sparking controversy among the public, embryonic stem cells are stem cells that have been taken from human embryos. What many do not understand is they are sourced from unused embryos that have been donated to scientific study rather than experimenting on someone’s actively growing baby. Many of these embryo are created via vitro fertilization.

What is unique to embryonic stem cells is they do not differentiate among cell-types. When there are damaged organs and connective tissues, they are sent to copy and take the place of other cells in the body. These miraculous cells are low in numbers among the adult body and are rare to find, but can be seen in brain tissue, umbilical cord, bone marrow, etc.

Adult Stem Cells

Also known as somatic stem cells, these are cells of the adult human body rather than an embryo that do not include reproductive organs. Unlike embryonic stem cells, this type is a specialized cell that does not have the ability to differentiate among the cellular system. They can only become like the cells in the area they reside.

For example, adult stem cells in the bone marrow only have the capacity to turn into red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Any brain or tumor issues cannot be healed by utilizing the cord blood’s stem cells. Scientists understand the limitations of adult stem cells and have conducted extensive research into how to make them more adaptable.

IPS and AF Stem Cells

The solution to the somatic cell problem is found in this third type of stem cell, which is created in a laboratory. Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells are normal adult stem cells that are injected by embryonic stem cell genes, which cause it to not be differentiated. Modified stem cells that once had basic limitations now can be used by scientists to treat conditions like with embryonic stem cells.

Finally, some medical clinics will extract stem cells from human amniotic fluid, which is a nutrient-filled liquid surrounding an embryo. Our practice uses amniotic fluid stem cells (AFSC’s) in our stem cell treatments since they are less controversial than embryonic stem cells, keeping the live embryo safe without taking from a donated one.

Also, we inject stem cells that do not have the limitations of adult stem cells and are not created in a laboratory, like with induced pluripotent stem cells. We extract only from all-natural sources that accelerate your body’s restorative journey with chronic pain.

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