Struggling with knee pain is challenging, especially if you’re had chronic pain for years without hope. Competitive athletes fall into similar despair if they’ve experienced a career-ending knee injury.

As a result, the media actively pushes stem cell therapy as a revolutionary treatment option.

You don’t have to keep a wounded conscience and think you’re sourcing healing from dead embryos. It’s a common misconception people derive from the FDA disapproving some use cases.

Our team has witnessed patients have deep knee restoration and find their joy for life again. We believe stem cell treatments are safe and effective for those with knee osteoarthritis (OA) and other knee injury pain.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Repair Damaged Knees?

Repairing damaged knees with stem cell therapy begins by obtaining precious stem cells. These regenerate your knee’s damaged cells rather than numb the pain.

Get Back Your Normal Life Again

As pain specialists, we can guarantee that we are more than qualified in alleviating your pain and treating your condition.

Some pain specialists get them from donated embryos, adult stem cells, or even your own bone marrow or fat tissue.

However, we source our amniotic stem cells from finished c-section contents with the woman’s permission. Our team does not touch the baby in the process and protects the child while harvesting the regenerative stem cells your knees need.

All it takes is a single injection for the deep, inner healing process to begin as a chronic pain or sports medicine solution.

Stem cells clone themselves into new cartilage cells through a process called differentiation that can repair your knees. They reduce inflammation, regenerate damaged tissues, and help you get back to physical activity again.

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees Cost & Side Effects

Since stem cell therapy is a recent treatment, many pain clinics offer it outside of normal coverage. Most insurance companies have not adjusted as quickly as pain science and do not compensate patients for the regenerative treatment.

Our office does not carry stem cell therapy unless you pay for it on your own. However, you can try a single injection on one knee and an insurance-covered option on the other and compare the results.

This is a part of the personalized treatment plan we offer clients. They can assess which option gives the most pain relief and invest more into stem cell therapy if they choose.

Costs for stem cell therapy vary depending on how many injection sites we target and how often you receive them. Our team recommends calling a pain specialist to get an accurate estimate.

Thankfully, most patients do not experience negative side effects from stem cell therapy. There is minor soreness after the injection, but they feel like they have brand new cartilage again after 24 to 48 hours.

Our staff has stated that 80% of patients reported pain relief with stem cell injections.

Stem Cell Therapy vs. Other Knee Treatments

If you’ve pursued knee repairment, you’ve probably run into more traditional OA and knee injury treatments. They mask the pain rather than heal the root cause in most cases.

For example, cortisone shots create a compensating lubricant that replaces previous knee coverings. It protects knee bones from rubbing against each other, but only for several weeks to several months.

RFA is similar in that your pain relief is temporary. The knee treatment sends electrical currents to cartilage and disables the signals to your brain that would otherwise inform a pain experience.

Eventually, you’ll need to return for more RFA treatment for the knee since nerves grow back over time.

The results for stem cell therapy vary, as some patients may need multiple shots like RFA and cortisone shots. But many patients never return because they experience beat chronic pain and sports injury pain.

Is Stem Cell Therapy the Miracle Shot for my Knees?

Our team is passionate about getting you involved in regenerative medicine to answer your body’s cry for natural healing. However, we understand the option may not work for every patient.

The goal of Arizona Pain & Spine is to get you started on a personalized treatment plan to address underlying chronic pain or musculoskeletal or sports injuries.

Stem cell therapy may be one component of the journey, but another treatment option may perform better. And it may not have to involve an orthopedic surgeon.

Everyone’s knees function differently, whether you have OA or another knee condition, which is why we prescribe treatment to people as individuals rather than numbers.

Start Multi-Disciplinary Healing with Stem Cell Therapy

While stem cell therapy gives tremendous patient success, we also understand it is one part of healing. Yoga, physical therapy, or knee replacement surgery could be necessary options to target all areas of the knee.

When you start working with Dr. Ryklin and Dr. Khan, their goal is to get you off drugs and medication if possible and provide natural solutions. They understand you may fear addiction and want to embrace your body’s natural healing.

To try stem cell therapy and the latest in regenerative medicine, you can schedule a consultation to see how we can assist.

Call our office today at (480)-986-7246 and we’ll connect you with a friendly team member at a location closest to you.