Why does your lower back hurt? This is much more common than you may think so do not feel like you are alone. Lower back pain can be mild to severe, acute to chronic. It can go away on its own or it can be caused by something more serious, such as an underlying condition. Regardless, there may be a simple way of finding relief from lower back pain. This may not be your specific treatment, but this could ease the pain and help you stay functional. You can get such relief from walking.

Like other low-impact exercises, walking offers essential benefits in reducing the incidence and severity of low back pain. This is best for people who can no longer perform other forms of exercises due to the excruciating pain. The good thing about walking is that it does not aggravate your low back problem but instead allow you to maintain good health while relieving the pain.

Stay Functional

Chronic low back pain can really affect one’s day-to-day activities. It can make doing simple tasks like reaching something on the floor or bending to tie your shoes nightmarish. With proper exercise such as walking, you can stay functional despite your back problems. This is because regular walking (around 30 to 40 minutes a day) helps you stay strong and healthy, and reduces the occurrence of pain.

Lower Back Pain Relief

The reason why regular walking provides chronic lower back pain relief is that it increases the production of endorphins. These are the body’s pain-inhibiting hormones. In other words, endorphins are the body’s natural pain reliever. So when you just commit to your walking program, as long as it is tolerable and upon the advice of your doctor, you may be able to enjoy your daily life with less pain and reduce your dependence on medications.

Benefits of Walking

Why does regular walking helps you stay functional and relieves your lower back from pain? Here are the benefits and reasons why:

Get Back Your Normal Life Again

As pain specialists, we can guarantee that we are more than qualified in alleviating your pain and treating your condition.

  • Walking strengthens the muscles in the torso, hips, legs and feet. It keeps the spine stable and durable as well, keeping the body in upright position.
  • It is healthy for the spinal structure. Walking promotes better circulation as well, which helps pump nutrients and drain toxins.
  • Walking, especially when coupled with regular stretching, improves your flexibility and allows a greater range of motion. It also promotes good posture, which is helpful reducing the occurrence of pain.

What To Do If Walking Hurts

In severe cases, walking for around 30 to 40 minutes per session can be excruciating and intolerable. If it hurts that much, you can start with a 5-minute walk and work from there. Remember that you must not push yourself too hard. Exercise within your pace and only up to as much as you can tolerate. You can also try walking while on shallow water like in a pool as the buoyancy of water makes it less painful.

If you think that walking does not offer relief or if your lower back pain is severe and even walking for a few minutes hurts, seek medical help. Make an appointment with Arizona Pain and Spine Institute and we will take care of your pain problems. Contact us today.