Shoulder Joint Pain

Shoulder Joint Pain

The shoulder joint is very mobile and relied upon to do most of our daily activities. Together with the tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles and bones, the shoulder joint makes it possible for us to do things like lifting, throwing, reaching, flexing and others. Because of this, the shoulder is susceptible to various issues like injury, overuse and certain conditions.

When the shoulder is affected with pain, one’s daily activity can be heavily burdened. The pain can make it difficult for one to move and do things. It can compromise one’s strength, stability and range of motion. Luckily, shoulder joint pain is not a hopeless cause. There are many effective medical methods to eliminate shoulder joint pain, with or without the help of professionals.

What Causes Shoulder Joint Pain to Be Worst?

There are various reasons why shoulder joint pain exists. It could be a sprain, an injury or a symptom of an underlying condition. Some of the common causes of such pain include the following: bursitis or tendonitis, rotator cuff tear, frozen shoulder, dislocation, AC separation, loose joint, labral tear, SLAP lesion, arthritis and tendon rupture.

If your shoulder joint pain is caused by any those mentioned above, it can be worsened by certain activities like throwing, lifting, and carrying things. Sometimes, even the slightest movement of the shoulder can be unbearable. While there are exercises and therapies that might prove helpful in bringing mobility and stability back to your shoulders, the safest thing to do is still to go to a professional.

Is There a Treatment for Shoulder Joint Pain?

There are several treatments available for shoulder pain, depending on what caused it in the first place. Identifying the cause of the pain plays a huge part in finding the right treatment. The main treatment for shoulder pain are taking pain killers, using ice packs and avoiding activities that just make the symptoms worse. Therapy and certain forms of exercise are also helpful. Sometimes, a combination of these treatments is used for better results. However, these just generally make the pain go away for a short time. In some cases, especially when the pain is chronic or if it is caused by a more serious health issue or injury, injections and surgeries are the better option.

That is the kind of treatment you can expect from us. We provide treatment for shoulder pain based on the underlying condition and the severity of the pain. With proper diagnosis and with the help of innovative approaches and state-of-the-art facilities, we can take away the pain in a more efficient and long-lasting manner.

How To Deal With Shoulder Joint Pain

If you want to provide temporary relief for shoulder joint pain, you can apply ice on the affected area. This will numb down the pain. Resting your shoulders also help, especially if you still don’t know what caused the pain in the first place. Moving your shoulders too much might just make things worse, so better rest. You can also take NSAIDs. But again, this is only temporary.

If the pain keeps on recurring, you must consult with a medical professional. This is the best way to determine the cause of the and to find out the right treatment. Following the advice of the professional and undergoing the prescribed treatment option are the best and safest things to do.

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