We all know that staying active is a key part of living a healthy, balanced life. But what happens when chronic pain makes completing even the most basic daily activities feel like an exhausting task?

According to the CDC, an estimated 50 million adults in the United States suffer from some type of pain condition. That means a large portion of the population may be failing to maintain a steady exercise program, all due to ongoing pain.

If this sounds familiar, then this article is for you.

Today, we’re looking at how to exercise with pain management in mind, so that you can streamline your recovery process and take back control of your life for good.

How Does Chronic Pain Impact Physical Activity?

Nearly all chronic pain symptoms have one thing in common: they prevent you from enjoying your favorite physical activities.

Get Back Your Normal Life Again

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And as your muscles and joints continue to go underused, they begin to stiffen and atrophy. This can cause your pain to significantly worsen over time, making it even more difficult to return to normal activity levels.

Not only does this cause you to live in a state of constant pain, but it can also have a serious impact on your mental well-being. Since physical activity is linked to feel-good chemicals in the brain, also called endorphins, a lack of exercise can also lead to a higher risk of depression and anxiety.

Is An Exercise Program Right For Me?

Regardless of your current fitness level, finding ways to incorporate any type of exercise into your daily life can have tremendous benefits for both your body and mind. This is especially true for those suffering from nerve pain, inflammation, arthritis, and other chronic pain conditions.

That’s why finding an activity that you genuinely enjoy is crucial in managing your daily pain level, even if you can only exercise for a few minutes each day.

Best Activities In Arizona With Pain Management

Now that you understand why physical activity is so important when managing daily pain, you can start to identify which activities will realistically fit into your lifestyle. And in Arizona, there is no shortage of ways to move your body while enjoying some much-needed fresh air.


One of the simplest ways to increase your activity level is by walking every day. If you’re struggling with chronic pain symptoms, it’s best to start slowly.

You can try taking a brief 5 – 10 minute walk in the morning or evening. As you feel yourself becoming stronger, you can increase the length of your walks periodically. This helps you track your progress, giving you the motivation you need to keep moving.


When you’re ready for something slightly more challenging, hiking is a great way to incorporate strength training and cardio at the same time.

To improve your comfort level on your hikes, consider investing in a high-quality pair of hiking boots or exercise shoes. Having the right foot gear can help you maintain balance on rough terrain and provide you with extra pain relief for your knees and ankles.


If you’ve ever attended physical therapy, you probably already know that stretching is a beneficial practice for sore, achy joints.

But when traditional stretches become boring or repetitive, you can try enhancing your routine by adding in low-impact activities like Tai Chi or yoga. These practices place extra emphasis on gentle stretching, while still keeping you engaged and inspired.

Other Tips For Staying Active With Chronic Pain

When it comes to finding pain relief for your worst symptoms, long-term results start with small, daily habits. To get the most out of your exercise program, make sure you continue with any recommended pain management treatment options that have been recommended by a licensed physical therapist or team of pain management specialists.

Some treatment options might include…

  • Physical Therapy
  • Medications
  • Steroid injections
  • Stem cell therapy

Ready To Start Your Journey To Lasting Pain Relief?

Starting an exercise program when you’re already struggling with chronic pain can be a difficult task.

That’s why our team of pain management specialists are here to support you at every stage of recovery, using modern technology to create minimally invasive solutions for every type of ache and pain.

Learn more about how our procedures can alleviate chronic pain symptoms today.