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Joint Pain

Acupuncture for Pain Management

Acupuncture for Pain Management

Ancient Chinese Treatments for Modern-Day Pain Pain medications, prescription or otherwise, are effective at relieving pain. Unfortunately, this relief comes at a cost. For most pain medications, long-term use results in several consequences. Side effects, tolerance, dependency, and even addiction all become risks when medications alone are used to mask chronic pain. For this reason, …

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Causes of Chronic Pain

Common Causes of Chronic Pain

According to the CDC, just over 20% of Americans suffer with some form of chronic pain. This contributes to nationally inflated health care costs in addition to decreased productivity and quality of life. As such, finding ways to alleviate or manage pain for those who suffer is integral for mental, physical, and workplace health. While …

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Opioids and the Long Term use of Pain Medications

For a number of years, prescribing opioids to individuals suffering with chronic pain was the gold standard of pain management. As time wore on however, it became apparent in the medical community that these drugs were creating a dependency in patients, opening Pandora’s box on the lasting impact of opioid addiction on patient lives. To …

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Non-Opioid Pain Treatment

Non-Opioid Pain Treatment: Working Against the Opioid Crisis

Over the last two decades, the rise of opioid prescriptions as a treatment for chronic pain have risen exponentially. Initially found to be both safe and effective, the medical community later learned that these medications not only resulted in additional and lasting impairments, but were less effective at treating several types of pain than initially …

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