Stem Cell Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease

Stem cell treatment is considered the world’s most advanced regenerative treatment that’s faster and risk-free than other treatments. It is most commonly used to treat degenerative disc disease. Before we find out more about this treatment, what it is and how it works, let us first understand degenerative disc disease. This condition naturally develops as a person ages. As one grows older, the cushions between one’s vertebrae slowly wear down and deteriorate. While it is asymptomatic in most cases, some patients can experience severe and chronic low-back pain.

DDD commonly develops in the spinal region, particularly the lumbar spine or low back. This is because this part of the body is responsible for the distribution and absorption of the body’s weight. When the disc are no longer functioning as healthily as they used to, pressure and stress will develop in the low back which can result to chronic pain and inflammation in severe cases. The inability of the disc to heal itself when we age is what causes the pain and the problem. That is where stem cell treatment comes in.
Stem Cell Treatment for Knees

One of the many benefits of stem cell treatment is alleviating and treating chronic pain and injury, including arthritis and other related conditions. If you have been in an injury which damaged your knee meniscus, MCL or ACL ligaments or cartilage, or if you have knee arthritis or if you suffer from a chronic pain in the area, you might consider having stem cell treatment. You no longer have to undergo knee surgery or total knee replacement. With this innovative procedure, you can now have your knee problem and other degenerative condition faster and risk-free.

Stem Cell Treatment for Back Pain

The back and spine are the most vulnerable part of the body in terms of pain, especially as one grows older. Stem cell spinal cord treatment is now the new thing in the field of regenerative medicine. According to studies, adult stem cells are effective in relieving back and spine pain caused by degenerative disc disease. This treatment is particularly helpful because the worn out and torn discs related to aging are incapable of healing themselves. This is because of the limited blood supply in the spine’s discs. But with the help of stem cells, with their healing powers, it is now easy to alleviate the pain and other symptoms of spine and back problems.

Stem cells are taken from the bone marrow of a person. They are naturally designed to promote healing and repair damage. These are then inserted via injection into the damaged disc/s. They then naturally heal the affected area and alleviate or totally treat the pain. The best thing about these cells is their ability to regenerate the formation of ligaments and other fibrous connective tissue. They are ideal for repairing soft tissue damage. They are found in various parts of the body. But they are most concentrated in the adult bone marrow, particularly in the hip bone.

However, stem cell therapy alone sometimes doesn’t treat the problem, particularly in severe cases or depending on the age or the natural healing ability of the patient. Certain cases may still require surgery. This is an alternative that’s always worth considering. But it wouldn’t hurt to try the treatment first before immediately going for the surgery.

Knee Stem Cell Treatment

So how does stem cell treatment work? Stem cells are normally attached to our blood vessels. These cells are released by our blood vessels for the body’s fast recovery and healing process when there is an injury. Because of this curing power, stem cells are now widely used in the field of regenerative medicine. There are several types of stem cells. But those found in the bone marrow are the most useful. Bone marrow stem cell treatment has been used for certain disorders for the past twenty years or so.

These stem cells have a unique ability to regrow and heal certain cells that have been affected by wear and tear or injury.  This innovative feat in medicine is now used to treat knee injury and pain. People who suffer from chronic knee pain, arthritis or injury are the best candidate for knee stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy is not only effective for people with degenerative disc disease or chronic knee pain. It is also good for those who suffer from pain and injury in the shoulders and hips, among other parts of the body. If you want to make ssure if you are a good candidate for this procedure, visit a reliable and capable Phoenix stem cell treatment center. Make an appointment with Arizona Pain and Spine Institute today and visit any of our offices. Try the most advanced regenerative injection treatment to regain your active, pain-free life.