stem cell therapy for arthritis pain

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis Pain

Do you wake up stiff and tight most mornings, shuffling clumsily in a hunched position through your living room? This is just a typical sign for many people that they are getting older. But if your joints do not wake up and feel pain relief throughout your day, you may have arthritis.

Though it is a fairly common diagnosis, arthritis is an uncomfortable condition that doctors consider chronic. Researchers have developed new treatments to help alleviate the pain, one of them being stem cell therapy. Clinical studies using stem cells to treat arthritis have shown promising results for people just like you.

Understanding how stem cells work and react with arthritis can help you decide if stem cell therapy for arthritis is the right next step in treatment for you.

What is arthritis?

Many suffer with what they believe are typical adulthood aches and pains and then later find that the cause of their suffering is arthritis. Put simply, arthritis is inflammation of the body’s joints.

Several different types of inflammation occur on the joints that keep your bones from rubbing together. This swelling can wear them down or inflame them, causing long-term chronic pain and achiness.

What is stem cell therapy?

We describe stem cells as “blank cells” that are the foundation of modern regenerative medicine. While some facilities extract mesenchymal stem cells (MSCS) from a patient’s body, our practice takes them from amniotic fluid.

Pain management specialists use stem cells to repair or replace damaged cells and cartilage, so you don’t have to suffer from debilitating pain forever. Thanks to extensive ongoing research studies, our doctors have found that they can inject amniotic fluid stem cells to arthritic areas to alleviate pain when other treatments might not work.

Does stem cell therapy cure arthritis?

There is currently no available treatment that will cure arthritis entirely. But clinical trials and current practices that offer stem cell injections have seen that stem cell therapy helps slow degeneration and bring pain relief to those with severe arthritis and in young patients with mild conditions.

The degree of pain relief that stem cell therapy brings depends on the person. Some patients experience complete freedom from chronic pain, while others only experience partial healing. Our practice personalizes your healing to discover whether stem cell therapy is the right treatment for you.

For example, if you have arthritis in both hands, we can perform a traditional treatment on one hand and stem cell therapy on the other. Then, you can compare pain alleviation, and our experts can decide with you which one works best for your intervention plan.

How do stem cells affect arthritic joints?

Researchers who analyzed the results of test patients found that stem cells can develop into healthy cartilage cells. They saw anti-inflammatory effects in their arthritic joints decrease and degeneration slow down. Stem cell therapy is still undergoing continuous study to discover new ways that stem cells can heal and regenerate your body.

Is stem cell therapy the best treatment for arthritis?

Stem cell therapy is a recent phenomenon, and doctors do not consider it the standard practice for arthritis treatment yet. But there are enough success stories and positive results from patients that prove it an excellent option for pain relief. Institutes like the Mayo Clinic approve of stem cell treatment, and the scientific community releases more promising results as time passes.

Treating Your Arthritis with Stem Cell Therapy

Our team specializes in using stem cell therapy for many arthritic conditions, including osteoarthritis of the knees. If you are suffering from stiff and inflamed joints, our pain management doctors can offer medical advice and stem cell treatments to help relieve your chronic pain. We can also diagnose the condition if you are unsure whether it is arthritis or something else.

If you are ready to find a solution for your pain, schedule a visit to discuss your condition today by calling (480).986.7246. You can also book an appointment online, so we can get you set up with a specific pain specialist.

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