Head and Neck Pain

The head and neck are complicated parts of the body. Experiencing pain in these parts may be a symptom of underlying health issues, or may be caused by stress and tension. However, sometimes the pain might go away on its own. Everybody experiences a headache or a neck pain at some points in their lives. The pain management you need may just be a little rest and better self-care.

Symptoms of Head and Neck Pain

Identifying the head and neck pain symptoms are important in pain management. The symptoms vary depending on the underlying health issue. The pain could be due to headaches, migraine, neck issue, or trigeminal neuralgia. Check the following symptoms to have an idea which could be causing your head or neck pain:

  • Headaches

    Everyone know what a headache is. The pain and discomfort are usually felt in the forehead, behind the eyes or beneath the scalp. The ache can range from squeezing, throbbing to extremely painful. It can be intermittent or constant and can radiate to the upper neck.

    When the headache occurs alone, then chances are it might just go away after taking a pain medication or after getting some sleep or rest. However, if it comes with other symptoms, then you must be more cautious. Associated symptoms are telling of the underlying issues causing the headache. The symptoms may include excessive sleepiness, fever, neck stiffness, neck pain, vomiting, nausea, confusion and blurry vision.

  • Migraine Headaches

    Migraine is characterized by a pulsing sensation or a severe throbbing pain that affects one side of the head. If migraine headaches attack, the pain could last for hours and even days. The pain can be so severe to the point that it is disabling. Other symptoms of migraine include vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to sound and light.
    Before a migraine attack, there are usually warning symptoms that you may experience. These include tingling sensation on one side of the face, leg or arm, blind spots and flashes of light. If you have migraine, you can get pain management solutions from pain specialists and medical professionals.

  • Neck Pain

    There are various symptoms of neck pain. The pain can be mild to excruciating. In most cases, the neck pain only affects one spot and goes away within a few days. However, there are cases when the pain radiates to the other parts of the body, particularly the shoulder and arms.
    Some of the common symptoms associated with neck pain include  soreness, stiffness, difficulty moving the neck, sharp and stabbing pain, general soreness, tingling sensation, weakness, numbness, trouble lifting and gripping objects, and headaches.

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia

    This is a chronic pain condition affecting the trigeminal nerve. At the onset, the pain comes in short and mild attacks. However, as the condition progresses, the pain attacks become longer and searing. The common symptoms of trigeminal neuralgia include the following: frequent and intense attack, pain affecting one side of the face, constant aching and burning feeling, episodes of severe, jabbing or shooting pain, and bouts of lasting pain.

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Simple headache and neck pain may be treated within days. With rest and self-care, you will get better. However, if the pain is caused by a more serous health issue, then you will need a more specialized treatment and pain management solution. This of course will require proper diagnosis of the underlying condition first. To be sure, only seek help from experienced, skilled specialists.

If you experience other symptoms other than pain, don’t wait any longer before you seek medical help. Make an appointment with the reliable, skilled and experienced specialists at Arizona Pain and Spine Institute.