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What Is Headache

Headache is a common pain condition or symptom. According to the World Health Organization, around half of the adults in the world experience headaches. While some headache is not recurrent and just goes away after a day’s rest, there are headaches that may be a cause of medical concern. This is why it is important to know the common causes of and symptoms associated with headache. 

Headache may occur in only part of the head, both sides or in a particular location. To define headache, it is important to take note of the two basic categorization of headache: primary and secondary headache. 

  • Primary headaches

These are stand-alone headaches. These are the headaches that are not caused by a condition. In such case, the headache is a pain condition in itself, not a symptom of something else. It may be brought about by stress or over activity in the brain. The headache may also be due to problems in the muscles, nerves and blood vessels of the head or neck. 

  • Secondary headaches

These are headaches that are caused by another condition. In other words, the headache is not a condition in itself, but a symptom attributed to another cause. 


The headache is a pain that is felt in the head from a central point. It may be felt in a particular area or side of the head, or in both sides. This depends on the cause of the headache or if its a secondary or primary headache. The pain can be sharp, dull or throbbing. It may appear suddenly or gradually. It may last for a few minutes or could last for several days, one-time or recurrent. 

To determine and understand the symptoms of headache, it is important to know the different types of headaches: tension, cluster and migraine. 

  • Tension headache

This is the more general type of headache. The pain in this type may be mild to moderate. Typically, the pain feels like there is a band wrapped around the head. In this type of headache, the pain affects both sides of the head. 

  • Cluster headache

This type of headache is intense. The pain is often felt around one eye. It may happen at some point in a year, which could go on and off for a period of one to two months. 

  • Migraine headache

The pain in migraine is described as severe and throbbing. The pain is mostly felt on one part of the head, which could be either the front or side. Aside from the throbbing pain, migraine is also associated with other symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light or noise. 


There are plenty of potential causes of headache. This depends on the symptoms, where the pain is felt, and the kind of pain felt. The headache may be a sign of emotional distress or stress, or it may be brought by a medical condition. Some of the common causes of headache includes the following: blood clots, brain tumor, bleeding, concussion, glaucoma, dehydration, influenza, panic attacks and stroke. 

 Headaches may be a symptom of something serious. This is why it is important that you seek medical advice especially when you experience severe and persistent headache. 

Traetment options

The treatment depends on the type, category and cause of headache. For normal or regular headaches, the best treatment is rest and pain medications. There are available over-the-counter and prescription medications for headaches around. However, when taking meds, it is important that you follow what is prescribed or that you always heed to the advice of your doctor. Taking too much pain medication may lead to rebound headaches. 

There are also alternative treatment options for headaches. They include acupuncture, cognitive behavior therapy, nutritional and herbal products, hypnosis, and meditation. These alternative options are better tried with consent for your doctor or pain specialist. 

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