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Pain Therapy

One thing about pain is that it is complex. As such, there is no single treatment for all kinds of pain. The type of pain, its underlying cause and severity are just some of the factors to be considered in determining the appropriate treatment. There are many treatment options for pain. This includes pain therapy. Learn more …

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Pain Medications

Each kind of pain requires different treatment. This is because pain is complex. It may be minor or may be serious, acute or chronic. There are pain that normally goes away on its own after a few days of rest, and there are those that require immediate medical attention. For this reason, it is important …

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stellate ganglion block for ptsd

Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD

Approximately 8 million adults in the United States suffer from PTSD symptoms. Successful treatment of PTSD varies from cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) to eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). More recently, there have been multiple medical studies completed that show that an SGB has significant long-term effectiveness in the treatment of PTSD. Discussed below are …

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