Over the years, scientists have done incredible work in treating damaged and aging skin. But in recent times, one of the most impressive developments in this field is the use of stem cells in skin rejuvenation. Stem cell facial rejuvenation is one area where stem cell therapies find extensive application. Before now, dermal fillers and cosmetic surgery were the prevalent therapies used in skincare and facelifts.

Today, you can simply opt for a stem cell treatment to get a face lift done. Stem cell therapies help to rapidly treat visible signs of aging. They help in improving the natural glow and health of the skin. As stem cells skin care use continues to grow in popularity, you may be wondering how this therapy works or if it is the right anti-aging solution for you.

Read on to find out how stem cell facial works.

What is Stem Cell Facial?

Stem cells are particular types of cells harvested from your body or an FDA-approved source and used in skin rejuvenation therapies due to their ability to develop into specialized cell types in the body. When these cells are planted in specific body parts, they can mimic other body parts cells and develop their specialized functions. Because of this, stem cells serve as raw materials ready for improving skin.

Previously, stem cells were mainly extracted from the placenta, embryonic cells, and adult stem cells. But in recent times, stem cells have also been sourced from amniotic fluids during the early pregnancy stages. Medical doctors such as our own can isolate stem cells from the embryo’s protective liquid without harming it and while protecting the mother.

Fatty tissues constitute the primary source of stem cells, especially when conducting a stem cell facelift. Cosmetic doctors create stem cells with special additives called Growth factors, and they transplant them into the face.

With superior regenerative properties, stem cells help improve face radiance and glow in facelift surgeries. While stem cell facial rejuvenation involves facial professionals injecting stem cells into the face via microneedling, it is a non-surgical procedure. Note that a numbing cream is applied to prepare your face before the local anesthesia puts you to sleep.

How Does Stem Cell Facelift Work?

The doctor takes cells from fat tissues, blood, bone marrow, or amniotic fluid and cultivates their populations using growth factors. Then, they transplant stem cells into cells of the face where they facilitate cell differentiation. Therefore, stem cell facial rejuvenation restores skin elasticity, smoothness, and plumpness.

This modern medical breakthrough has proven effective for people looking at their skin by eliminating fine lines and promoting skin tightening. Aside from these benefits, stem cell facelifts also correct marks obtained from the sun and the environment.

What Are The Results of Stem Cell Facials Like Long Terms?

Stem cell facial rejuvenation essentially brings about increased collagen production in the skin. The visible result is a more robust and healthy face. If the reports and testimonials of patients who have undergone stem cell facial rejuvenation are trustworthy, you’ll notice a return of a youthful appearance on your face.

Patients say that it filled in sunken cheeks and eliminated bags that have formed under the eye. The results of the therapy typically last up to nine months. However, the duration of the stem cell facial benefits depends on other factors, such as level of exposure to sunlight, smoking, eating habits, and proper skincare.

Who Can Get Stem Cell Facial Rejuvenation Done?

You should have stem cell facial therapy if you have noticed any signs (early and mild) of facial aging and wish to rejuvenate your skin to get your youthful glow back. The stem cell facelift is also ideal for those who don’t want any cosmetic surgery but still want to remove wrinkles and fine lines from their faces.

Stem Cell Therapy at Arizona Pain and Spine

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