Low Back Pain

Where does lower back pain begins? Where else can you get a better understanding of the lower back than the lumbar spine, which is actually your lower back. Understanding the structure and composition of the lumbar spine will help us better understand what lower back pain is.

The lumbar spine is composed of five lumbar vertebrae. In between these vertebrae are jelly donut like discs that acts as cushions between each vertebrae that allows the spinal cord to bend and twist in all possible directions.

The spine on the other hand, protects the spinal nerves. These nerves traverse the spine through the spinal canal. In addition, branches of the spinal nerves pass through the column via spaces on the sides of the spinal column.

Common Causes of Pain

In most instances, back pain is the result of ligament and or muscle tension. This condition occurs when you spend an extended period of time lifting weights or heavy objects. However, back pain can also result from spinal nerve compression. On the other hand, herniated discs or bony spurs or growth resulting from osteoarthritis can put a harmful pressure on the nerves or nerve roots. In addition, fractures on the spine results to a reduced amount of space around the roots. Note that this variety of pain doesn’t go away, at times, even after a week.