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Reasons Why Walking is Good for Your Lower Back

Back pain can be absolutely debilitating.  Lower back aches can cause you to walk hunched over or not at all.  Depending on the amount of pain and your tolerance level, lower back pain can keep you from getting out of bed.  Your body many need something as simple as walking every day to help strengthen your spine and relieve your lower back pain. How the human spine work is astonishing and how it help’s in locomotion is outstanding.   While back pain can be a symptom of a larger issue, and you should always consult a physician prior to starting a new exercise regime, walking may be the best solution to solving your back pain.


Walking releases endorphins lowering your stress level and putting you in a good mood.  Endorphins are released from your pituitary gland and are responsible for relieving pain and making you feel good.  These are produced and released as a result of exercise, such as walking.  If you suffer from back pain, the release of endorphins can help ease your discomfort as well as help you relax.  A positive state of mind can encourage to keep walking and be consistent with your new routine.  The more you walk, the more endorphins that are released, continuing the cycle of feel good, pain relief.

Gentle Exercise

Many people with back pain simply can’t tolerate high-intensity exercise.  Walking allows people that suffer from severe pain an opportunity to exercise because it is more low impact than other forms of exercise such as running or circuit training.  Walking is gentler on the joints and muscles making it a good option for people that are recovering from some injuries and / or suffer from chronic pain such as backaches.


Walking is also something that you can easily incorporate into your everyday activities.  You can start with 10 minute walks every day and slowly increase the amount of time you exercise.  You can also easily incorporate walking by parking your car further away and taking walks on your lunch break.  Your spinal health will benefit from a slow and deliberate increase in your daily exercise.

Reducing Aches and Pains

Walking lessens lower back pain by strengthening the muscles in your feet, hips and torso.  The stronger the surrounding muscles are, the less pressure your spine will feel.  By regularly exercising and improving your stamina as well as building surrounding muscles, you can significantly reduce aches and pains.

Walking is also an excellent way to burn calories, in turn helping you lose weight and relieve excess pressure from your spine.  The more weight you carry, the harder your muscles and joints are forced to work.  When you are overweight, you may shift how you stand and walk, causing unnatural positioning of the spine.  By shedding some excess pounds, you alleviate stress and uneven posturing and greatly reduce back pain.

Strengthening Your Body

Walking also improves your posture.  When you walk regularly with a proper stance you are building strength in your entire body.  Having a strong core and proper posture while walking can help you strengthen and maintain your posture throughout the day during your regular activities.  Maintaining a healthy posture is particularly important if you have a desk job or any position that allows for poor posture on a regular basis.  When you lean over a desk to look at a computer screen all day, you may hunch your shoulders and curve your back into an unnatural position.  If you maintain this position for many hours over the course of many months you can cause damage to the joints, muscles and ligaments in your body causing back, neck and shoulder pain.  Any activity that allows for poor posture can lead to serious spinal issues and back pain.  Walking can help you strengthen your body and practice proper posture to carry with you throughout your day.

Improving Circulation

Walking increases blood flow and circulation.  Poor circulation can cause a host of problems including numbness and tingling in your arms and legs as well as muscle cramps and tissue swelling.  Poor circulation deprives important areas of the body of much-needed oxygen.  Without enough oxygen, you may suffer from an inability to concentrate and fatigue.  Because all areas of the body are connected and rely on each other to perform at optimum levels, poor circulation impacts the entire body.  Walking can improve your circulation, allowing more oxygen to reach your muscles, tissue and organs.  Improved blood flow makes your entire body function better.

While aches and pains can be normal they can also be a sign of something more serious.  Don’t neglect your health; be certain to consult with a medical professional.  That being said, one of the best treatments for lower back pain is exercise.  If you are experiencing lower back pain, the remedy might be as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.  Walking can alleviate pain and increase your overall health.  It is a simple step to take on the path to feeling better.