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Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Physical therapy is sometimes used as anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. This is of course just incorporated in other forms of back pain therapy and treatments such as medications, injections and surgery. In other words, physical therapy works as an incidental or subsidiary treatment. In PT, the treatment is focused in the management and prevention of pain-related conditions and injuries. Aside from relieving pain and inflammation, it also helps restore movement and function, and promotes healing.

Does Physical Therapy for Back Pain Work?

Whether it’s for pain or anti-inflammatory purpose, physical therapy works. However, one must keep in mind that people respond differently to treatment, which includes physical therapy. Each of us has different habits, patterns of movement and types of bodies. Another factor is the severity of the pain and the condition. So while physical therapy works, it does not work for everybody. This is the reason why it normally employed along with other treatment options like injections, medications and exercise. A combination of these treatments is always better than just one treatment alone.

How Long Does It Take for Physical Therapy to Work?

Decreasing pain and inflammation may be done through passive or active physical therapy. Passive therapy includes manual therapies, heat and ice packs, ultrasound, dry needling and electrical stimulation. Active therapy, on the other hand, may consist of specific strengthening exercises, low-impact aerobic conditioning, stretching, pain-relief exercises and other movement-based activities.

As to how long will it take for physical therapy to work as anti-inflammatory pain-relieving treatment, the answer depends. Each person is different and responds differently to treatment. There are various factors that affect the length of physical therapy. This also depends on the severity of your condition. If you only have mild back problems, the development and recovery are faster. For instance, if you undergo surgery, it will take you three to five days to walk normally with the help of physical therapy. So there is really no definite answer to this question. What’s more important is that physical therapy, especially if employed with other proven treatments, really helps in alleviating the pain and inflammation and in treating back pain, as well as other pain-related issues.

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