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Arizona Pain and Spine in Flagstaff

Pain is a complex medical problem that can have profound effects on your physical and mental well-being. At Arizona Pain and Spine Institute our goal is to help you decrease your level of pain and suffering. We work with tirelessly to return you to your maximum level of functioning and independence, and to help you restore your quality of life.

We engage in a multidisciplinary approach in managing pain. Aside from simply treating and easing the pain, we useholistic concepts that target the emotional, mental, and social aspects of the pain so you can regain control of your life.

A Top Team of Professionals

Our expert staff members are pain management specialists with special training in evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of all different types of hurting. Our physicians have double board certifications in their chosen fields and have undergone additional fellowships in pain management. Our professionals have also received advanced medical training in minimally invasive spinal procedures and pain management.

Conditions We Treat

At Arizona Pain and Spine Institute, our single focus isto successfully manage and alleviate your pain while elevating your quality of life.

Utilizing state-of-the-art care and treatment scenarios for patients, we explore and implement solutions for a variety of ailments including:

 Our interventional pain specialists have a wide variety of options to help significantly reduce your pain. These include facet joint injectionslumbar radiofrequency neurotomypercutaneous disc nucleoplasty, and medical branch block, among many other procedures.

The treatment programs developed by our pain management team will be specifically tailored to your condition, your degree of suffering, your needs, and your personal objectives. Your individualized plan may include a single approach, or a combination of different types of therapies.


Convenience and Caring

At Arizona Pain and Spine Institute, we have strategically placed our clinic locations to be as convenient as possible so that you don’t have to unnecessarily endure pain while traveling for treatment. Our Flagstaff clinic is located at 1360 N. Rim Drive, serving residents in Flagstaff and neighboring areas such as Bellemont and Munds Park.

Please do not wait for your pain to go from bad to worse. Start now and set an appointment with us at our Flagstaff location at the first signs of soreness. We are a committed and skilled team of pain management doctors and specialists who can help you reduce the risk of backaches and find answers to existing pain.

It’s time to get started with your treatment. Call us now at (480) 986-7246 and make an appointment with our skilled team today. You deserve to live a pain-free life. Let us help you control your pain and reclaim your life.